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Gear List
for 2021

One of the major lessons of 2020, was that spending lots of time setting up self tape equipment is a very bad use of time. I would rather spend those precious extra minutes working on the material. Here are my must-haves for self taping in 2021.

This BiColor LED Panel light with ~96 CRI is one of the best affordable LED lights available. Perfect for streaming, self taping, or just impressing the office on zoom calls.

Godox LED P260C

This is an easy-to-use microphone that is perfect for recording singing or dialogue right from your home. Please note: this microphone needs a TRS to TTRS cable (not included) in order to work with a smartphone.


The most crucial part of any self tape kit, a collapsible backdrop, will help you make great tapes from anywhere in the world.

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